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Due to the recent discovery of two cases of vCJD blood transfusion transmission in the U.K. the American Red Cross, at the October 14 FDA TSEAC meeting, announced an acceleration of their “Look Back” study implemented in 1995. In this study all blood and blood products donated to the American Red Cross by a person who subsequently died of CJD will be traced. 

This “Look Back” study is a very important one for all of our families of CJD patients, past and present. If your loved one was a blood donor or a blood recipient and you wish to participate please contact one of the names listed below.  

This study is being given high priority by the ARC and the CDC. I know we all certainly hope that sCJD is not a vector, however, we won’t know unless this research is conducted. 

The recipients of any whole blood or blood product donated by a person who subsequently died of CJD will NOT be notified unless medically appropriate notification and counseling is deemed necessary by the health care provider. 

Contact Information: 

Karen Fujii, 301 738-0774,
Edward Notari,  301 738=0646, email:
Shimian Zou, PhD, 301-738-0644, email: 

This is our opportunity to help science in an important way and to honor a loved one struck with this devastating disease either past or present. 


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