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Flash the Angel Cat

This story is submitted by Dolly Campbell about a cat that she and JD found ... and the story is true. After reading it, Dolly believes you will agree with her, that after JD's death, both JD and God sent an "angel" back to be with Dolly. Here Dolly's story...

On Sunday, May 8, 1994, (which was Mother's Day), I awoke in the middle of the night to the sounds of a storm and then heard a kitten meowing. I listened and then woke up JD. I said "listen ... there is a kitten under the house". He said it sounded like one outside around the house. I said "no, it's under the house and right here in the corner of our bedroom". I told him that I was getting up out of bed and putting my clothes on to go outside and feed the kitten. I did and JD got up and went to the door with me and watched from the front door as I put the food on the porch. The next morning I was up early and went out to see if any of the food was eaten. Sure enough, some food was gone.

That same afternoon we were sitting outside behind the house under the carport. The small door leading under the house crawl space was open. I looked towards it and saw 2 little eyes looking at me. When I told JD to look ... he saw it also. I got up slowly and walked to the area so that the "creature" would not see me. I could finally see that it was a tiny kitten ... not more than 5-6 weeks old. I tried to coax it out ... but it just ran back under the house. The next several days were spent with us putting small amounts of food just inside the crawl space door to try and draw the kitten out where we could hold it. We made a bet as to who would be first to hold it. JD won the bet...and he laughed as he held the tiny kitten so very gently.

The kitten was black with green eyes and a little white spot on it's belly between it's back legs ... and it was a male. Several days later, I named him "Flash" because he was so fast and black as night except for the little white spot. One afternoon, we were sitting under the carport and Flash came running from under the house ... to a dogwood tree and climbed it. He turned to look back over his shoulder at JD ... to see if JD was paying him any attention. We laughed together at that also.

Flash became our little buddy outside. When we played with him, he had a habit of turning over on his back for us to rub his belly. He just loved that. We had a much older cat named "Squeaker" that we kept inside the house. When we took her out to meet Flash, she was very jealous and hissed at him. He rolled over on his back and tried to really impress Squeaker... but she was too old and set in her ways. She did learn to tolerate him when she was outside with us.

On Tuesday, April 11, 1995, JD woke me from sleep that night. He asked me if I heard a gunshot. I told him no ... and he said that he bet someone shot Flash. We never saw Flash again ... but every time we saw a black cat... I would call it "Flash" to see if the cat would respond. JD kept telling me that he knew someone had shot the cat and that Flash was dead and would never be back.

JD died on March 18, 1997... he is buried about 2 blocks from our home. I walked up to visit his grave on Saturday, April 5, 1997 during the afternoon. I was walking back from the site and about 1 block from our home. I was crying and very upset but out of the corner of my left eye, I saw something move in a field. There was a black cat ... and I did what I had always done. I said "Flash" ... oh "Flash". The cat stopped for a split second... looked at me ... meowed and came running to me. He turned over on his back ... and guess what ... it was a male ... with a white spot on his belly between his back legs!!! I said "Flash, it is you, isn't it?" He looked up at me and kept purring and meowing to me. I reached down and picked him up in my arms and he snuggled right against my shoulder and cheek. He would not stop "talking" to me ... he kept on and on. I saw some people outside a house next door to the field. I carried Flash over and introduced myself and asked who the cat belonged to. The people said it was a stray because the cat just wandered from one house to another ... and had been doing that for quite a long time.

I tried to explain my connection with the cat (hoping they wouldn't think I was crazy!!) and the people, told me to take the cat. I gave them my phone number and told them I just lived about 6 houses away. The man kept telling me it had to be my cat... I carried Flash in my arms down the side of a very busy 2 lane highway. He did not try to get out of my arms and was not afraid at all ... and kept purring and talking to me all the way home while I walked. I put him in our house and he has been with me ever since. I did have him neutered.

Now ... don't tell me there is no God ... and don't tell me there are no angels ... because I have living proof of both right here with me!! JD never got to see Flash again while JD was alive here on earth ... but I know that he sent Flash back to be with me. I had to have our older cat, "Squeaker", put to sleep in February 1997 before JD died. She was 15 and had coli thoracic disease and there was no hope for her either. Right before he died, I told JD that Squeaker had gone to Heaven ahead of him and would be waiting for him when he got there. At least I know that she and JD are together now ... and Flash and I are together.

Flash sticks with me like glue ... he sits and stares at me ... nuzzles up to me and sleeps with me in the bed. He stays with me at night until I get situated in bed ... and wakes me up each morning.

I have JD's ball cap that he wore the last several weeks he was in the hospital. I hung the cap on the headboard of our bed. Flash loves to just sit and look at me and then look at the cap. Makes you wonder, doesn't it??

by Dolly Campbell

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