November 12th CJD Awareness Day

Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease

similar symptoms to Alzheimer's


many get the “premature Alzheimer's” diagnosis


progressive rapid dementia, paranoia, depression, loss of cognitive skills, loss of body functions, vision loss, speech loss, eventual coma, myclonic jerking and wasting away in a bed? all this within days, weeks or few months... all the progression slips away within hours and days... unimaginable isn't it...


supposed to be 1 in a million victims but the number is way higher than that...


has one of your friends or family fallen victim to CJD and it hasn't been recorded right on the death certificate?


Join people who've been there that can support you through the journey of healing through the memories of all the questions that aren't answered by the medical professionals that leave you standing shaking your head in a dizzy spin... we're here for you...


Let your voice be heard!

Join CJD